How Well Do You Know Little Mix?

HI, MIXERS! In this quiz, we test how well you know Little Mix.

Little Mix, which has been doing great works since winning the X Factor, has become world-famous. In this quiz, we wanted to see how well their fans know them.

We hope you enjoy it.

But, please do not cheat and answer the questions on your own.

Which was not a mentor when Little Mix competed at X Factor UK?
Which girl in Little Mix is the youngest one?
What is the name of Jesy’s documentary?
What album is the song "Beep Beep" on?
What song didn't Little Mix sing on the X Factor?
‘’I feel a strange sensation taking over from my head to my toes I got the shakes body rippling it's enough to shatter my bones’’ In which song does this lyrics take place?
Who didn't Little Mix make a duet with?
What was the reason Jesy Nelson left Little Mix?
Who is the mentor of Little Mix in the X Factor?
How many albums have Little Mix released?
Which one of the song-album matchings is wrong?
What was the name of the band before "Little Mix"?
Who is referred to in the song "Not a Pop Song"?
What is the release date of ''Confetti ''?
Which Little Mix song has been watched the most on YouTube?

Moreover, we would be glad if you indicate how many are correct in the comments.

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