Top 13 Most Iconic Glee Covers

After almost 6 years of its final episode, Glee has remained a TV show that inspires people, tells that anyone’s dreams can come true, and shows that even a little bit of music can heal anyone’s soul. For all its cringe-worthy sudden-singing scenes that even make us feel like how Sue Sylvester feels, Glee still is a musical series that has so many scenes which everyone can relate to. Let’s see these scenes through 13 best Glee covers!

  • Careful, there are spoilers ahead!

13- I Want to Break Free by Mason McCarthy (6×9)

First of the most iconic Glee covers comes from Mason (Billy Lewis Jr.). He sings this song of Queen’s to his twin sister Madison because he is fed up with her controlling him.

12- Cough Syrup by Blaine Anderson (3×14)

Originally sung by the band Young the Giant, this song shifts into another meaning under the voice of Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) and he sings the song simultaneously while the bully David Karofsky gets bullied and attempts suicide.

11- If I Were A Boy by Wade “Unique” Adams (5×5)

After being bullied by both guys and girls because she is a transgender, Unique (Alex Newell) expresses her feelings with Beyoncé’s If I Were A Boy. I don’t think anyone watching this scene could hold their tears because here with her “uniqueness”, Unique gives us chills.

10- Listen by Sunshine Corazon (2×1)

With the hopes joining Glee club, Sunshine (Charice Pempengco) auditions with Beyoncé’s song Listen from Dreamgirls and makes everyone cherish for her, except Rachel.

9- And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going by Mercedes Jones (1×13)

This cover of Jennifer Hudson’s song from Dreamgirls is one of the songs that Mercedes sang to show that she can do better than Rachel. Mercedes was never fully appreciated eveb though she had some solos in the Glee club.

8- Bohemian Rhapsody by Jesse St. James (1×22)

This iconic song of Queen’s is sung in a machinelike but impressive way by Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) and his team Vocal Adrenaline. Jesse sings the song simultaneously while Quinn gives birth to her daughter on the season finale.

7- Cry by Rachel Berry (3×18)

Rachel makes us “cry” with her emotional scene while singing this particular song of Kelly Clarkson. Rachel shows what it “feels like to really cry” after choking on her auditions and having her life-long dreams crushed.

6- Don’t Rain on My Parade by Rachel Berry (1×13)

Rachel (Lea Michele) sings this song originally performed by her idol Barbra Streisand in their first ever Sectionals which New Directions win.

5- I Lived by Glee Cast (6×13)

Being the last song sung in the show’s finale, OneRepublic’s song I Lived turns into emotional yet empowering song. Seeing almost every glee member singing this song with joy makes the show end in an almost-satisfactory place.

4- Smooth Criminal by Santana Lopez & Sebastian Smythe (3×11)

This cover of Michael Jackson’s world-renowned song Smooth Criminal is sung by Santana (Naya Rivera) and Sebastian (Grant Austin) in a sing-off, in which 2 cellists accompanied them with their own battle-like style. Also, it feels like there is a huge sexual tension between Santana and Sebastian, even though they are both gay.

3- Dream On by Will Schuester & Bryan Ryan (1×9)

This iconic “face-off” between old friends Will (Matthew Morrison) and Bryan (Neil Patrick Harris) must be on the list because both actors nailed Aerosmith’s iconic song Dream On.

2- If I Die Young by Santana Lopez (5×3)

Santana sings this song for Finn (Cory Monteith) in the choir room after the tragic death of him. During the song she breaks down in tears and leaves the choir room. It is a very heart-breaking moment because the actor who plays Finn also died, and after 7 years from his death, Naya Rivera, actress who plays Santana also died on the same day as Cory Monteith did. Now this version of The Band Perry’s song If I Die Young reminds people of both late actors.

1- Don’t Stop Believin’ by Glee Cast (1×1)

Last song of my most iconic Glee covers is probably every Gleek’s favourite. If you ask a Gleek which is the most iconic cover of Glee, Don’t Stop Believin’ would be their answer. This particular song of Journey was sung in the show 6 times.

Honorary mention

Marry the Night by Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert (5×4)

Appearing as a guest star in the show, Adam Lambert shows us how a talented singer he is once more in this scene, singing Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night.

Note: Mash-ups are not considered in this listing. You can check my 10 best Glee Mash-ups list for that.

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