Little Mix | The X Factor Journey 2011

As Little Mix fans, we all know how Little Mix, one of the biggest girl bands in the world, reached its current reputation.

But there may be some of us who do not know enough about it. In this blog, I wanted to briefly describe the X Factor journey that Little Mix won.

Before Live Shows

Little Mix is the first and only band that won the X Factor UK. The girls were mentored by Tulisa. But, before the formation of Little Mix, the four girls participated in the contest as solo artist. However, as a solo, they were not able to be successful.

You can also watch their first auditions here:

  • In the week of Bootcamp 2, Jesy and Perrie were in a band called ‘Faux Pas’’ while, Jade and Leigh-Anne were in a band called ‘’Onion’’. After that, the mentors decided that Jesy, Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne must be in a girl band.
  • After that decision, the girls went to Judges House and sang ‘’Big Girls Don’t Cry’’ and ‘’Cry Me a River’’ in front of Tulisa and Jessy J. Finally, Tulisa decided to advance them to the live shows.

The Live Shows of Little Mix

  • In the first week, they performed ‘’Super Bass’’ by Nicki Minaj and Tulisa saved them. With this performance, they received praise from the mentors.
  • In the second week of the competition, Rhythmix that would change their name after the third week sang ‘’I’m Like a Bird’’ by Nelly Furtado. They finished fourth and saved.

You can also watch the performance here.

  • Little Mix made a mash-up of ‘’Tik Tok’’ and ‘’Push It’’. However, they were criticized by the mentors because the concept of that week was Rock. Despite all negativity, they placed sixth and saved.
  • After three weeks, the girls changed their name to Little Mix. They performed ‘’E.T’’ by Katy Perry. They put on a nice stage show and the mentors liked them very much.
  • This time, the band came with Rihanna – ‘’Don’t Stop The Music’’. They won hearts again with beautiful dance choreography.

You can watch the performance here.

  • At the sixth live performance, the girls sang a mash-up of ‘’Radio Gaga’’ by Queen and also ‘’Telephone’’ by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. They placed third and saved.

You can reach the performance here.

  • The performance that helped Little Mix win this competition most was the song “Don’t Let Go”. They captivated everyone with their powerful voices and Kelly Rowland who is the other mentor told them they were the best girl group to come out from the UK.

  • The other week, they performed ‘’Baby / Where Did Our Love Go’’ and ‘’Beautiful’’. Their performance that week was enough for the jury and they qualified for the semi-finals.

Watch the performance here.

  • In the semi-final, they sang ‘’You Keep Me Hangin’ On’’ and ‘’If I Were a Boy’’. The jury slightly criticized the weakness of their performance, but they finished first that week.
  • In the first stage of the finale, Little Mix performed ‘’You’ve Got The Love’’ and sang a mash-up of ‘’If I Ain’t Got You’’ and ‘’Empire State Of My Mind’’ with their mentor, Tulisa. They finished first and advanced to the last stage of the finale.

Finally, Little Mix sang the song “Don’t Let Go”, which was the most loved performance by the judges. Moreover, they performed ‘’Silent Night’’ and ‘’Cannonball’’ which was the first single of Little Mix.

And the winner of X Factor UK 2011 is LITTLE MIX.

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