Best Glass Animals Songs

Glass Animals Songs

Glass Animals are an English psychedelic pop band formed in Oxford in 2010. Their music is unique with “trippy” effects, futuristic sounds, hypnotic beats, and also surreal lyrics. They are one of the bands in the world that make unique music and that is why I have listed 10 Best Glass Animals Songs that you should listen!

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10. Dreamland (Dreamland)

Dreamland is the lead single of its namesake, the third and latest studio album of the band.

You float in the pool where the soundtrack is canned
You go ask your questions like, “What makes a man?”
Oh, it’s 2020 so it’s time to change that
So you go make an album and call it Dreamland

9. Tokyo Drifting (Dreamland)

Tokyo Drifting is a song from Dreamland — the third studio album of the band, also feauturing American rapper Denzel Curry.

8. It’s All So Incredibly Loud (Dreamland)

While listening to It’s All Incredibly Loud, you can hear that it keeps getting louder and louder until the end of the song and becomes “all incredibly loud” just as what the title of the song implies.

7. Black Mambo (ZABA)

From ZABA — the debut album of Glass Animals, Black Mambo is one of the successful songs of the band.

6. Tangerine (Dreamland)

Hands, knees, please, tangerine, come on back to me
You got what I need, tangerine, do this for me
Hands, knees, please, tangerine, sugar, honey, sweet
Got what I need, tangerine

5. Gooey (ZABA)

Gooey is the lead single of Glass Animals’ debut album ZABA. It was ranked at number 12 on the Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2014.

4. Heat Waves (Dreamland)

It is a song from band’s third studio album Dreamland. Heat Waves was voted into first place on the Australian Triple J Hottest 100 of 2020. Also, the lead singer Bayley stated that the song is about “loss and longing, and ultimately realising you are unable to save something“.

3. Life Itself (How To Be A Human Being)

Life Itself is a song from band’s second studio album How To Be A Human Being.

2. Youth (How To Be A Human Being)

Feel your mother at your side
Don’t you know you got my eyes
I’ll make you fly
You’ll be happy all the time
I know you can make it right
I’ll make you

1. The Other Side Of Paradise (How To Be A Human Being)

The Other Side Of the Paradise might be one of the underrated songs of the band. Just like every song on the band’s second album How To Be A Human Being, this song also is based upon a story of a person the band encountered while they were on tour.

Note: This list is based on my opinion and it might not reflect the fan favourites or take to mean that one song is better than another.

Also: click here to learn more about Glass Animals and their songs!

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