15 Most Underrated Little Mix Songs

Some people claim that Little Mix is the biggest girl group in the world. However, we know only popular Little Mix songs. I decided to make a list consist of Little Mix songs that I think as underrated.

1- How Ya Doin’? ft. Missy Elliott ( DNA – 2012 )

Hey, how ya doin’? Sorry you can’t get through

Why don’t you leave your name and your number?

I will get back to you (ooh)”

Little Mix’s first album, DNA consists of twelve songs. Songs in the album such as ”Wings” and ”DNA” are some of the singles for girl’s success. Even though this song is well known and loved by Little Mix fans like me and even if a clip was shot with Missy Elliott,  ”How Ya Doin’?” didn’t stay in mind a few years after the album was released. This fun song was on our list since it is more valuable.

2- Good Enough ( Salute – 2013 )

”I am the diamond you left in the dust

I am the future you lost in the past”

This song is one of the Little Mix songs that make me emotional. Despite being one of the most emotional and powerful songs of Little Mix, it’s hard to understand why it ranks so low in the Album. 

If you like this kind of slow song, ”Good Enough” song is just for you.

3- OMG ( Get Weird – 2015 )

”Oh my gosh, I did it again

He said I broke his heart, it keeps happening”

“Get Weird” is my favorite album. I think, It is normal that ”OMG’‘ didn’t shine in this album, which includes the most popular Little Mix songs. But in this quarantine period, it is necessary to put a song that you can get up and dance with on this list. 

4- Down & Dirty ( Glory Days – 2016 )

”Get down and dirty

I know you heard me”

And another high-beat song that must be on our list. When I listened to this album for the first time, ”Down & Dirty” was one of the best songs for me. However, many strong singles in the album decreased the value of this song. I think Little Mix should have put forward this song. Dance and Shake!! 

5- Freak ( Glory Days – 2016 )

”You don’t get these kisses for free

See I’ve got two sides of me, boy”

If Little Mix had split the twenty-one songs of “Glory Days” into two, it would be great for their careers in both albums. I can’t understand why they have collected so many good songs in one album. Therefore, such powerful songs as ”Down & Dirty” and ”Freak” was underrated. It wouldn’t be if we didn’t include this song. 

6-Turn Your Face ( DNA – 2012 )

”Until you’re not standing at my door

Turn your face, walk away, and stay

Turn your face”

Let’s go back to our first baby, DNA. I want to talk a little bit about “Turn Your Face”. To be honest, Little Mix is better known for its pop side, but that doesn’t mean its slow songs will be ignored. But, unfortunately, it happened like this. I think a song with such strong meaning deserves more attention. Don’t turn your face.

7-Love Me or Leave Me ( Get Wierd – 2015 )

”You can take this heart

Heal it or break it all apart

No, this isn’t fair

Love me or leave me here”

Another touching song. Okay, I admit that I love the songs on the album “Get Weird”, they are all very good songs. But, ”Love Me or Leave Me” song definitely deserved more. If this song had been made as a single, it would have had as much success as ”Secret Love Song”.  

8-These Four Walls ( Salute – 2013 )

”And I, I can’t come alive

I want the room to take me under

‘Cause I can’t help but wonder

What if I had one more night for goodbye?”

I love ”These Four Walls”. It’s the Little Mix song I’ve listened to the most recently. I wish this song wasn’t lost on the album and it was one of the best-known songs of Little Mix. 

9-Is Your Love Enough? ( Glory Days – 2016 )

”Is your love enough?

Come on make me believe it

Is your love enough?”

I can understand it doesn’t stand out as much as the other songs on the album. However, its value should be much higher. “Is your love enough?” is such a summer song. If you like this kind of song, go and listen!

10- Gloves Up ( Confetti – 2020 )

”I, I got my eyes on the prize

Fight ’til the day that I die

Can’t knock me down and that’s why

I got ’em all the way up”

”Gloves Up” is from Little Mix’s latest album “Confetti”. Since the album was just released, I wasn’t sure I would list this song, but if we look at other songs it has been ignored. 

11- Change Your Life ( DNA – 2012 )

”Change, change your life, take it all

We’re gonna stick together, 

know we’ll get through it all”

You may find it ridiculous to have this song on our list. But ”Change Your Life” should not have been ignored with a video clip consisting only of concert tours. While it’s an iconic song among fans, it isn’t for a stranger. 

12- Towers ( Salute – 2013 )

”You never brought me flowers

Never helped me in my darkest hours

And you left it so late that 

my heart feels nothing nothing and towers”

Another overlooked song on “Salute”!. I don’t understand at all why the touching songs like “These Four Walls”“Good Enough” and “Towers” disappear on this album, Salute. This album doesn’t consist of just a few songs. Please!!

13- Nobody Like You ( Glory Days – 2016 )

”There’s nobody like you, nobody like you 

I’ve tried goodbye a hundred times, 

not one of them true”

As soon as I started writing this list, I noticed that Little Mix’s slow songs were less listened to by people. ”Nobody Like You” is one of them. I think these kinds of songs that prove the strong voices of the girls should stand out more.

14- More Than Words ft. Kamille ( LM5 – 2018 )

”Oh, I need you more than words can say

Oh, you save me in ways that I can’t explain”

When I first listened to this album, I thought this song would shine somehow. Even though Little Mix made a video clip for this song, it was watched by very few people. I think the song is different from most Little Mix songs. 

15- Lightning ( Get Weird – 2015 )

”Oh, lightning strikes twice

And it burns like ice

I wish I didn’t love you again”

I can’t think of an underrated list without ”Lightning”. If I had a chance to interview Little Mix, I would ask why they didn’t make this song a single. ”Lightning” song is very powerful and very ICONIC.

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