10 Unappreciated Songs — Waiting To Be Discovered

When a famous singer releases a new song, it mostly is listened to millions of times. You can hear it on the radio or in a shop, and even see it on a TV commercial. Getting the attention which they deserve (or not deserve) is pretty easy for famous singers, but what about those who cannot get the attention they deserve? The are many unappreciated songs (released recently or a few years back) that still waiting to be discovered. Let’s see 10 songs of my choice that are waiting to be discovered!

1. Trafton — Break It Later

Trafton is a dark pop singer and songwriter from New Hampshire. Break It Later is one of the recent songs of the singer and it gives us “sad and sexy” vibes.

Ooh, it’s a habit, baby
Gotta have it lately
Ooh, put your heart in danger
We can break it later

2. Marisa Maino — LOVE SUX

LOVE SUX is a break-up song from the debut album STAGES OF LOVE & HEARTBREAK of the Nashville-based singer Marisa Maino. Its lyrics are so catchy that makes you go “lo-lo-lo-love sux” after listening to first chorus. Also, one cannot help but tap out the rhythm of this song.

3. ZØYA — I Still Believe

ZØYA is an independent singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her raspy and pure vocals are for sure something that gets the attention first. A large part of her music about the struggles she was going through in her life and in this particular song she tells a story of a drug addict. In the last seconds of the music video, we can see some stories told by those who are struggling or struggled in their life.

4. GiiRL — Bloodshed

GiiRL are an alternative music group from Germany. Louis Hofmann, the actor who plays Jonas Kahnwald in the Netflix series Dark, took part in the music video of Bloodshed, but even his presence could not bring the attention to the song that it deserves.

5. ZAND — Luci

Luci, which is obviously short for Lucifer, is an ugly pop by the British singer ZAND. It is devilish, aggressive, and confrontational song. It definitely is one of the unappreciated songs of the singer.

6. Kelsy Karter — Devil On My Shoulder

Devil On My Shoulder is a rock song from the New Zealander singer Kelsy Karter. “Devil on my shoulder” is a figurative language that means somebody or something is encouring you to do wicked things that you know are wrong. I guess the monkey in this music video is the devil on Kelsy’s shoulder. Kelsy Karter also became viral with her fake Harry Styles tattoo on her cheek, which was for the promotion of her song “Harry” dedicated to the singer.

7. RVBY — Hanging On

RVBY is a Bristol-based pop singer and songwriter, who started her journey as a teen country singer. Her song Hanging On is relaxing yet full of energy, and of course, unappreciated. Madonna, Elton John, Maggie Rogers, Robyn, and Sigrid are among the inspirations of the singer.

Call me a friend and keep me hanging on
Hold me closer than you did before
Would you believe me, do you feel it
Do you get the feeling, oh
Call me a friend, I can’t be hanging on

8. Merci Raines — The Devil is a Gentleman

Merci Raines is a Louisianan singer with a music style that is mysterious allure and sharp bite. Her song The Devil is a Gentleman gives us “witch pop” vibes and the singer’s smoky vocals reflects it.

9. Jon Reynolds & The Aches — Undertow

Undertow may be the most unappreciated one among the unappreciated songs in this list. It is the first song of the modern pop rock and indie rock singer Jon Reynolds under the name of Jon Reynolds & The Aches.

10. Swt Valli Hi — Threats

Swt Valli Hi (pronounced: Sweet Valley High) is an American band, named after their lead vocalist Nigerian-American singer and songwriter Val Okolu.

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