10 Songs Released on February 2021

We have completed the second month of 2021 with plenty of songs. So, we prepared a list featuring songs released on February. Even though many singers released their singles, EPs, and albums during February, we only could choose 10 songs for this list.

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Rita Ora & Imanbek – Big (12th February)

Big is the lead single of British singer Rita Ora and Kazakh DJ Imanbek’s collaborative EP “Bang”. The song also features French DJ David Guetta and American Rapper Gunna.

You gon’ know about it when we come through
Bad bitches comin’ in twos
Ain’t nobody tellin’ what we gon’ do
The way we run through, yeah, yeah
Diamonds on us poppin’ out the sun roof
Red bottoms up on those shoes
Lickin’ off shots like (Do-do-do)
When we run through, yeah, yeah

Leadley – Better Day (12th Feb)

English singer-songwriter and YouTuber Leadley released her single “Better Day”  this month. Producer and co-lyricist of the music video is her boyfriend Elyar Afshari, who is also Azerbaijani-English singer-songwriter.

UPSAHL – STOP! (12th Feb)

American singer UPSAHL, who unites the thoughtful alternative for adults and playful pop with her style, released her single “STOP!”. She also composed and sung backing vocals on the song Good In Bed by Dua Lipa.

My hearts gonna beat so fast, gonna beat so fast
Gonna beat so fast that it might stop
Hit my chest like
Wooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, wooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

Between Friends – shiny (12th Feb)

shiny is an alternative/dance-electronic song with influences of synth from Between Friends’ EP “tape 001”.

I like when we ride
Money spend it, take me high
Ooh, you shine so bright
Walk with me we’ll crystallize

Alfie Templeman – Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody (16th Feb)

Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody is an indie/alternative pop song by English singer-songwriter Alfie Templeman. He made his professional debut in 2018 and has released four extended plays so far. Also, he describes his sound as “indie R&B” and for his songs and music videos, he often draws inspiration from the experiences of others, such as characters from TV shows.

Shura – obsession (17th Feb)

English singer Shura stands out with her melancholy electro-pop and synth-pop songs she has released so far. Recently, she released her single “obsession”, of which music video features LGBTQ+ elements, just as her other music videos. It also features English singer-songwriter Rosie Lowe.

SG Lewis – One More (24th Feb)

One More is a house/dance-pop song with electro-pop and funk influences from “times”, debut album of English singer-songwriter SG Lewis. Also, Nile Rodgers is featured in the song.

If you leave now might forget you
The memory fades when I’m way too gone
Was hoping we’d wake up together
Maybe just stay here for one more song

Aleyna Tilki – Retrograde (26th Feb)

Famous Turkish singer Aleyna Tilki released her first English single “Retrograde” and its space themed music video. Also, Dua Lipa and Diplo are among the songwriters of Tilki’s song. You can also check the lyrics of Retrograde by clicking here.

K E M A L – moments (26th February)

K E M A L is a Swedish singer-songwriter who made his debut when he performed his single “BRAVE” in Swedish Idol in 2018. Recently, he released another single “moments”.

Burakbey – pürhayal (26th February)

Turkish electro-pop singer Burakbey released his new single “\pürhayal/” that takes you on a fairytale/dream-like journey through cosmos. You can also check lyrics of the song by clicking here.

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