10 Songs For Winter Season

It is middle of the winter in the northern hemisphere of the world. It is even snowing in some parts of Europe and North America. So, what is the best thing to do while we are trapped in our warm homes because of quarantine and because it is snowing outside? Most people would take their cup of coffee or tea in their hands and watch outside while a playlist, which reflects our “winter mood”, plays on the background. That is why I have gathered some of the “winter songs”, prepared this list and a playlist, which is attached at the end of the article. Let’s start with the list first!

1. Billie Eilish – my future

American singer Billie Eilish’s song my future is an uptempo, lo-fi and R&B-based ballad with influences of soul and jazz. It also definitely reflects the “winter mood” we are looking for. Also, its lyrics address Eilish contemplating about her past and the effects it had on her outlook on life and the future, discussing how she is ready to put the past behind.

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2. Olivia Rodrigo – drivers licence

Disney star Olivia Rodrigo’s song drivers licence has become the focus of the magazine world and topped the charts with its release last month. The reason why it has drawn attention so much lays behind the lyrics of the song.

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3. Sara Jackson-Holman – Nuclear War

Nuclear War is an alternative song by American singer Sara Jackson-Holman. Her style is compared to that of Adele and Lana Del Rey.

Lately they’ve been talking about nuclear war
let’s get married before it comes.
While the whole world’s fucking crazy cause they’re overworked or bored
hold me closer, hold me longer, keep me warm.

4.Duncan Laurence – Arcade (ft. FLECTHER)

After his victory in the Eurovision Song Contest two years ago in Tel-Aviv, Duncan Laurance’s Arcade has achieved success throughout the world. Later, Duncan released this duet version of the song feautiring American singer FLETCHER and it recently went viral on the social media platform TikTok.

5. Wrabel – flickers

flickers is a pop song from the debut EP “one of those happy people” by American singer Wrabel. Also, as a songwriter, he contributed to songs of singers such as Adam Lambert, Ellie Goulding, Idina Menzel, Lea Michele, Kesha and more.

You grow up, paint a picture of your life
Like a fixture in your mind
And it tricks you once or twice
Or three times
And I know it’s not right, and I know it’s not fair
Sometimes you fall in love, sometimes it’s not there
It flickers

6. K E M A L – Everywhere

K E M A L is a Swedish singer-songwriter that has recently made his debut with his song BRAVE, which he performed it in Swedish Idol in 2018. His 2019 single Everywhere is definitely embodiment of what we call a winter song.

7. Trafton – Black Water

American singer Trafton’s Black Water is a dark-pop song with synth influences. It is also the most recent song of the singer and it is about “conflicting images of the self and the fear of one’s own deepest desires”.

Does your reflection terrify you (say it) (at the lake for the new moon)
Do visions of futures (with the black water) flare inside you
(At the lake for the new moon)
And hang on your lovely (with the black water) threat of a body
Secrets are heavy
Oh, does your reflection terrify you

8. Julia Jacklin – Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You

Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You is an indie song from the second studio album “Crushing” by Australian singer Julia Jacklin.

Don’t know how to keep loving you
Now that I know you so well

9. SYML – Where’s My Love

SYML is the solo venture of Brian Fennell, who was previously part of the indie band Barcelona. His song Where’s My Love is from his debut self-titled album SYML, which means “simple” in Welsh. The song also was featured in popular drama TV Show Teen Wolf.

10. Tom Odell – Heal

Heal is a indie pop song from the 2013 album “Long Way Down” of English singer Tom Odell. His soothing voice and also piano sounds are two things that make winter perfect.

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