10 Pop Songs That You Should Listen

Pop music is one of the most vast genres when it comes to subgenres. It’s no lie that it also is the most listened and most produced genre in the world. So, that’s why I gathered 10 pop songs of my choice that you should listen!

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1. Leadley – Like I Did

Like I Did is a pop song by the English singer-songwriter and YouTuber Leadley. Her song is about “betrayal” of a boyfriend with another, even though “she planned their whole life” together.

No one ever liked you like I did
‘Cause no one ever tried to like I did
Did you realise, I planned our whole life?
Kissed your tears on your worst days like I did
Took your photo on your best days like I did
Did you realise, I planned our whole life?

2. Arek Kłusowski – Rocznik 92

Arek Kłusowski is a Polish singer that was born in 1992. If you think why the year he was born is so important, you should check his song Rocznik 92 (English: born in ’92).

3. Trafton – Be Like That

Be Like That is a pop song of the American singer Trafton. His soothing angelic voice perfectly fits with the song and gives you goosebumps.

You wanted it so bad
So boy why you so sad?
You don’t know anything
Overthink everything
Why you gotta be like that?
Don’t it feel so good
Won’t you smile like you should
Day and night separate
When he’s come let go of it
If I could be like that I would

4. Burakbey – sarbeni

Burakbey is a Turkish singer that stands out with his unique kind of music. His song sarbeni is an electro-pop and dance-pop song, with poetical and allegorical lyrics based on his dreams.

5. SAKIMA – Pity Party

Pity Party is a pop song by the British Singer SAKIMA. His music frequently explores LGBTQ+ themes not typically portrayed in mainstream music.

6. UPSAHL – People I Don’t Like

UPSAHL is an American singer with a style that unites the thoughtful alternative for adults, and playful pop. Her song People I Don’t Like expresses her thoughts and feelings about people in her birthday party. She also composed and sung backing vocals on the Dua Lipa song Good In Bed.

Hello, it’s so good to see you
We met before, but nice to meet you
Yeah, I don’t really wanna be here like, ah-ah-ah-ah
What’s my name, do you remember?
I’m pretty sure you have my number
So let’s pretend we like each other like, ah-ah-ah-ah

7. EMM – Devil in Disguise

Devil in Disguise is a pop song from the album “RUBY” of the American singer EMM. She stands out with her outspoken, self-directed, and unafraid character.

8. Nina Tribus – Medusa

Nina Tribus is a dark-pop singer with avant-garde style and striking diva image.Her style and “big vocals” are also definitely two things you should not ignore while listening to her song Medusa.

Look away, look away, look away, look away
If Medusa stares at you
She’ll come to find you, prey on you
They’ll be nothing you can do

9. Mis Li – Complicated

Complicated is a pop song by the Swedish singer Miss Li that you cannot help but tap out the rhythm of it. In this song, she sings and counts 6 things about herself about how she is complicated. Also, there is a Swedish version of the song titled “Komplicerad”.

10. Tessa Violet – Crush

Crush is a indie pop song by the American singer Tessa Violet and both the song and music video give “cute” vibes.

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