Which Italian Cities Volunteered to Host Eurovision 2022?

It has been 3 days since Måneskin won the 65th edition of Eurovision Song Contest, and already 11 Italian cities expressed their interest to host Eurovision Song Contest.

Italy hosted the contest 2 times so far in 1965 and 1990. 11 cities expressed their interest to host Eurovision Song Contest for the third time in Italy so far. Let’s check these 11 Italian cities!


Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi expressed their interest to host the contest. Last time Italy hosted Eurovision, it was in Rome in 1965 at Teatro 15 di Cinecittà. Proposed venue for 2022 is PalaLottomatica, built in 1960 and hosted Olympic basketball tournaments the same year. It has a seating capacity of 11,200 people.


Turin was among the first cities to express their interest. The proposed venue Pala Alpitour hosted ice hockey events in 2006 Winter Olympics and many large-scale concerts so far. Its seating capacity is between 12,350 and 15,800, depending on the event. For end-stage concerts its maximum capacity is 13,347.


First time Italy hosted Eurovision, it was in Naples in 1965 at Auditorium RAI. Naples’s proposed venue for 2022 is PalaBarbuto, which has a seating capacity of 5,500 people.


Sanremo is an Italian city famous for its annual Sanremo Music Festival. Proposed venue is Teatro Ariston, which has been hosting Sanremo Music Festival since 1977. Its capacity is 2,000 people.


Bologna’s proposed venue is Unipol Arena, of which capacity for concerts is around 20,000 people. It has not hosted any significant event so far.


Birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence also is a candidate to host Eurovision 2022. Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella proposed Nelson Mandela Forum as their venue. Its seating capacity is 7,500, while maximum capacity for concerts is 8,262.


Will Eurovision fans finally get the chance to “lost in Verona”? North-eastern Italian city Verona, which also is the title of the Estonian song in Eurovision 2017, proposed Verona Arena as their venue. However, the proposal of Verona Arena is dependent on the construction of a roof, since it is an amphitheatre built in 30 AD. Its maximum capacity for concerts is 15,000 people.

Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia is a city in northern Italy that wants to host Eurovision 2022. Their proposed venue is RCF Arena with 5,000 capacity for concerts.


Milan has proposed 2 venues. One of them is Mediolanum Forum, which hosted 1998 and 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards, with 12,700 seating capacity. Other one is Palazzo delle Scintille and it has 13,500 seating capacity for concerts.


Pesaro also has proposed 2 venues. First of them is Vitrifrigo Arena (Adriatic Arena) and it has capacity of 13,000 people for concerts. Other one is Scavolini Auditorium, which is literally an auditorium and we could not find its capacity.


Northern Italian city Rimini’s proposed venue is Rimini Fiera, which hosts annual Catholic Festival Rimini Meeting every year. Unfortunately, we could not find the maximum capacity of this venue. Rimini also stated that they want to include San Marino as part of their bid to host.


Southern Italian City Bari proposed 3 venues. First of them is Stadio San Nicola, which hosted 1990 FIFA World Cup and is Italy’s third largest football stadium with 58,248 seating capacity. However, proposal of Stadio San Nicola as a venue is dependent on the construction of a roof. Second of the proposed venues is Palaflorio with 6,000 capacity for concerts. The last one is Fiera del Levante, which hosts the annual Fiera del Levante. However we could not find any information on the capacity of this venue.

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