The 10 Best Songs of Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest

After Italy and France, it’s time to list top 10 songs of Switzerland. Their history in the Eurovision Song Contest dates all the way back to the first ever edition in 1956, which was held in Lugano, Switzerland. Since then, Switzerland participated 60 times. They have had many successes in the history of contest, yet they have been struggling to qualify since the introduction of two semi-finals. We hope that ended with Luca Hänni and Gjon’s Tears’ top 5 results. Now, let’s look at our 10 favourites from Switzerland!

  • This list is based on personal opinion.

Lys Assia – Refrain (1956)

We start the list with Eurovision’s first ever winning song Refrain. However, it was not the first ever song that represented Switzerland since every country was allowed to perform two songs in 1956. First ever song represented Switzerland was Das alte Karussell, another beautiful song by Lys Assia, which came 2nd.

Céline Dion – Ne Partez Sans Moi (1988)

Another winning song by Switzerland is Ne Partez Sans Moi, meaning “Don’t Leave Without Me”. It ws sung by Canadian singer Céline Dion, and composed by Swiss-German songwriter Atilla Şereftuğ. Céline Dion’s Ne Partez San Moi won the 1988 contest with 137 points, beating Scott Fitzgerald’s Go with only 1 points margin.

Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers (2021)

I think Tout l’Univers is the best Swiss song performed on the Eurovision stage in 21st century. Tout l’Univers managed to place in 3rd place with 432 points, also being the Jury’s winner and winning its own semi-final. The last time Switzerland had a better results, it was in 1988 when Céline Dion won.

Sebalter – Hunter of Stars (2014)

Hunter of Stars is a song that gives “Swiss vibes” with its traditional tunes and instruments. It was placed 13th with 64 points in the Grand Final in 2014.

Want me to go x2
Because you think I’m lying, ’cause you think I’m lying
No, open the door
‘Cause tonight I cannot go hunting for stars

ZİBBZ – Stones (2018)

Out of all Swiss entries, this one is my favourite. I love the energy and message they managed to express through the screen. Corinne’s “I want anybody who is even been hurt by anyone, put your hands up!” words during the performance makes the message understood even eaiser and better. However, unfortunately Stones finished 13th in the semi-final and thus, could not qualify to the Grand Final.

Timebelle – Apollo (2017)

Apollo’s non-qualification is another crime done against Switzerland. Switzerland managed to send two beautiful entries consecutively (one is Stones, the other is Apollo), but they did not get the place they deserved. Unfortunately, Apollo finished 12th in the semi-final and could not qualify.

Annie Cotton – Moi, tout simplement (1993)

Annie Cotton is another Canadian singer that brought success to Switzerland. Her song Moi, tout simplement finished in 3rd place. The English translition of the song title is “Me, quite simple”.

Vanilla Ninja – Cool Vibes (2005)

Another non-Swiss representative of Switzerland is an all-girl rock band from Estonia. Their songs topped the charts especially in Estonia, Austria and Germany. Vanilla Ninja’s song Cool Vibes finished 8th with 128 points.

Cool vibes why don’t you turn your eyes away
Can’t you see we’re free to die
Cool vibes all we can do is fight and pray
Cool vibes why don’t you thrill me
Cool vibes why don’t you kill me
All that I can see
Are shadows of my destiny

Luca Hänni – She Got Me (2019)

Swiss singer Luca Hänni’s song She Got Me was among the fan favourites before the show. It finished 4th with 364 points. It also topped the charts of many European countries.

Esther Ofarim – T’en va pas (1963)

T’en va pas is another beautiful song by Switzerland. It was sung by Israeli singer Esther Ofarim, and finished in 2nd place with 40 points, 2 points behind the winner song Dannevise.

Toi, mon pain, mon soleil, qui volas mon sommeil
Avec toi, rends-le moi
T’en vas pas x4
Si ton cœur et ton corps se souviennent encore
Une dernière fois
T’en vas pas x4

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