The 10 Best Songs of Spain at Eurovision Song Contest

Although Spain is not successful at Eurovision in recent years, They have some great songs. I think they often participated in the contest with wrong choices, but Spain has more potential and they can send more competitive songs. I hope Spain sends more beautiful songs in the next years. In this list, we ordered Spain’s great songs for you. I hope you will enjoy this list.

*This list refers to my opinion.

10. Nina – Nacida Para Amar

This song is elegant and Nina has a powerful vocal, so it makes this performance more memorable. Also, you can see Spanish culture in that song.

9. Barei – Say Yay!

Barei is a very energetic and funny person like most Spanish people. Her personality matched with her song but unfortunately not with her stage. She claimed that She couldn’t do everything which she wants on the stage. She wanted a more colorful and dynamic stage but Televisión Española (TVE) didn’t allow it. I think due to her weak stage she couldn’t be left side of the result table. This song couldn’t reach its potential.

8. Soraya Arnelas – La Noche Es Para Mi

2009 was a hard year to gain a good result at final. There were a lot of good songs. ‘’La Noche Es Para Mi’’ is one of them. Soraya has a different song and great stage. Her voice and melody of music were so catchy. I think this song should be higher than 24th.

7. Alfred y Amia – Tu Canción

This song is a beautiful romantic ballad and Spanish is a euphonious language. Amia and Alfred’s voice are so sweet. The lightning show looks great on the stage. I think the reason for the bad result is the song is not catchy for audiences.

6. Miki – La Venda

When you listen to this song, it is easy to understand that this song owns Spain. The show was very funny and Miki was very sympathetic on the stage. Dance and choreography were colorful, also Miki had not any voice problems. I think this song would be higher at the results.

5. Massiel – La, la, la

”La, la, la” is the first victory of Spain at the contest. Firstly, she deserved to win. When you listen to this song, the first thing that points out will be her beautiful vocal. This beautiful vocal reflects this song’s positive feelings. It is an enjoyable and catchy song. To sum up, this song had everything for victory.

4. Edurne – Amanecer

Edurne has an amazing voice and ‘’Amanecer’’ is a very powerful song. Why she couldn’t get a great result? The reason is probably she took out of the tone last of the song. Is it enough to take just 15 points? I think no. She would be in a better place.

3. Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing in the Rain

Spain with Ruth Lorenzo gained one of the best results in Spain in recent years. Ruth and her song were so cool on the stage. Her voice, song, and dress were so beautiful. I think there was no reason to be top 5. Maybe Spain’s unlucky caused to be 10th.

2. Pastora Soler – Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me) 

Pastora Soler’s voice was incredible and flawless, the song was powerful, also her stage was plain and elegant. So audiences were affected by this awesome song. As a result, she has gained the most points since 1997 and placed 10th.

1. Azucar Moreno – Bandido

And finally, here we are my list’s winner. It is my favourite song from Spain because this song gives Spanish ethnic vibes and has good dance moves. The vocalists have strong vocals and the orchestra uses ethnic instruments. In that way, they give us amazing energy. If there wasn’t a problem with the orchestra, they would probably win in that year.

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