The 10 Best Songs of Italy at Eurovision Song Contest

Italy is the least participated Big 5 country in Eurovision because they have withdrawn several times. Their longest withdraw was between 1997 and 2011. In 2011, they returned to the contest as a part of Big 5. In their 47 appearances, they won three times. Italy has a national song contest, which is called San Remo Music Festival and it is older than Eurovision. San Remo is organized before the Eurovision Song Contest every year and its winner gains the opportunity to represent Italy in ESC. To take part in San Remo, singers must sing their songs in Italian. Because of this requisite Italy have never sent a non-Italian song to Eurovision. Let’s see the best 10 of these great songs in this beautiful language.

*List is based on personal opinion.*

2021 | Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni

Let’s start our list with the song everyone expects, the recent winner! 15 years after Lordi’s unforgettable win, Maneskin showed us that “Rock N Roll Never Dies!”. Zitti E Buoni became a huge success in almost every European country. With their unique style and vibe, they were adored by the fans and the 318 points in televote clearly proof the love. Currently, Måneskin is currently climbing the ladders of fame and glory in the world, let’s see where will they end up.

1958 | Domenico Modugno – Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare)

The song became 3rd in Eurovision but this is not its only success. The thing that makes this song a successful and unforgettable one is that Volare was the winner of ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Record of the Year’ in the first annual Grammy Awards.

2012 | Nina Zilli – L’Amore e Femmina

At the time of her participation, Nina Zilli was becoming quite well-known due to her contribution in soundtracks of PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2011. In the contest, Nina Zilli mixed this little fame with a beautiful song, great voice and that cool Italian Amy Winehouse vibe, and she became 9th.

1964 | Gigliola Cinquetti – Non ho l’eta 

The first ever Italian winner in the Eurovision Song Contest. At the year of the contest, Gigliola was only 16 years old. The title can be translated as ‘I Am Not Old Enough To Love You’. The song is about a girl who is not old enough and who should wait to engage in a romantic relationship. After the contest, the song is recorded in 5 different languages.

2018 | Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – Non mi avete fatto niente

In the stage, they didn’t use any extra lights, decors etc. And they didn’t need it because they had such a powerful message in their song. In the contest, they became the voice of the victims of wars, terrorism and any discrimination on the earth. They bravely expressed their feelings in different languages and showed the whole Europe that the world is cruel.

“There are people that cross themselves, people that pray on carpets
Churches and Mosques. Imams and all the priests
Separated entries in the same house
Billions of people that hope for something

Handless arms, nameless faces
Let’s change our skin we are humans deep down
Because our lives are not a point of view
And there is no pacifist bomb”

1975 | Wess & Dori Ghezzi – Era

Before listening to this song, I didn’t really believe that perfect harmony exists. This is just a beautiful song that never gets old. If I were to rank the songs in this list, this would definitely be my favorite, hope we can see songs like this in the coming years.

2015 | Il Volo – Grande Amore

In 2015, Grande Amore was the greatest fan favorite. Il Volo won the televote but it wasn’t enough to win since they were 6th in jury voting and they became 3rd overall. The song was the perfect representative of the Italian culture. 6 years after the song, Grande Amore is still remembered as one of the biggest robberies in the history of Eurovision Song Contest. 

1990 | Toto Cutugno – Insieme: 1992

The second Italian winner in Eurovision. This is a song about uniting all Europe under one single flag. And the year in title represents the year in which the EU is scheduled to begin. Due to its message, this might be one of the most meaningful Eurovision winners, Insieme: 1992 is not only for 1992, it is timeless because in every crisis Europe has, this song is and will be remembered.

2019 | Mahmood – Soldi

Besides Mahmood’s iconic shirt, the song is impressive because of its story. ‘Soldi (Money)’ is an autobiographic song which tells the story of a problematical father-son relationship. Mahmood’s father left them while Mahmood was a child because of “soldi”. The song also includes some Arabic sentences because his father was Egyptian and these represent how his father called him when he was a child. 

1997 | Jalisse – Fiumi di parole

This is the last Italian song in the 20th century. A great love song in one of the most poetic languages of the world. The song is telling the story of a couple who are not able to have a healthy communication because of having “fiumi di parole (rivers of words)” between them.

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