The 10 Best Songs of Israel at Eurovision Song Contest

Israel is a country that has achieved very successful results since the year it joined Eurovision Song Contest. They took the Eurovision trophy to their home four times before and one of the most successful countries in both modern and traditional music. Israel show us their beautiful culture almost every year. For you, we have listed the 10 best songs of Israel.

This list is based on personal opinion.*

Netta- Toy | 2018

When you think of Israel in Eurovision, Netta is likely to be one of the first artists you think of. Whether you love or loathe her Eurovision winning song “Toy” there is no denying it is memorable and a significant part of Israel’s Eurovision history (Israel’s fourth overall win in the competition and first win in the 21st century). “Toy” managed to win the televote back in 2018 while placing 3rd with the jury to become the overall winner. With chicken noises, pop culture references, and the song’s bright, colourful Japanese-inspired staging, it definitely stood out in the 2018 competition. However, underneath all the quirk there is a powerful message of empowerment.

Moran Mazor – Rak Bishvilo | 2013

What is the most shocking thing in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was the elimination of Israel. That year, the country was one of the favorites of the competition. Moreover, the songs that competed in 2013 were very poor. (I think that way). In the semi-final, Moran Mazor performed a strongful perfromance. However, the song finished the televoting in 14th place and placed 9th in the jury voting. Totally, Israel ranked 14th and didn’t make it to the grand final.

Hovi Star – Made of Stars | 2016

Thanks to this song, I’ve realized who I really am. Stars are a great metaphor for humans. Just like stars, there are billions of us in an infinite space. Just like stars, even though there are billions of us, we are unique, one and only. And just like stars, we shine.

Hovi Star achieved to emphasize such meaningful lyrics with a beautiful staging and his good vocals. As a result of the mix of these factors, ‘Made of Stars’ finished in the 14th place. In my opinion, he deserved to be higher but I’m still thankful for this masterpiece.

Shiri Maymon – Hasheket Shenish’ar | 2005

Shiri Maymon’s perfect vocal and her song with a beautiful meaning made up a gorgeous, emotional song. Hasheket Shenish’ar was one of them to deserve to win the Eurovision 2005. Also, this success came after the bad results of previous years.

Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy | 2015

This song has aged incredibly well. It’s hard to believe that Nadav was only 16 at the time he performed live, making it so much more impressive. It’s such a feel good, danceable song. Sure the lyrics are pretty simple but the Tel Aviv line is so repeatable and cheeky and the song is bursting with charm.

The staging was also simple but memorable, it was one of those performances that just made you smile. Ultimately it may have been unlucky to only finish 9th in the contest. And we can’t forget the fantastic closing lyric “Okay, we gotta go. Three minutes. Bye, bye”. Classic. And one of Israels best.

Izhar Cohen – Olé olé | 1985

In 1985, Israel returned to the competition, stronger than ever, with a 5th place. This with a returning artist, Izhar Cohen, in which i begin to love his song ‘Olé Olé’, it is addictive as much as its very Eurovision-ish in my opinion. And despite that Israel scored 5th, they deserved more than that, tho. I still love this song untill this day. Israel was in a era full of serves at the time, and thats kinda true in my opinion. Despite one of the dancers singing very sour, the song is still loveable.

Izhar Cohen – A-Ba-Ni-Bi | 1978

Izhar brought the contest to Israel for the first time with the song A-Ba-Ni-Bi. The song is about children’s relationships with love. Cohen sings that as a child, “we loved secretly/Who were we nice to? — Only uncles and aunts,” and that love was “conducted only in the Bet language.” He compares this to adulthood, as he realizes that “Love is a beautiful word” and that humanity should “speak in a language of love, not secrecy.” As a result, the song uses Bet language, a children’s language game in which each syllable of a word is repeated, with a bet placed before the consonant.

It is a very cleverly written and thought out song. Izhar Cohen is also a very good performerIt was no surprise that he won the contest. This song is still one of the most popular in Eurovision history.

Dana International – Diva | 1998

Israel’s 1998 entry “Diva” might be the most influential and ground-breaking entry ever in the Eurovision Song Contest history. It has changed the Eurovision community to a more LGBTQ+ friendly environment and of course, the reason behind that is Dana International. She was brave and powerful enough to sing on the Eurovision stage, just like the powerful women (Aphrodite, Cleopatra, and Victoria) she mentioned in her song. “Diva” won the contest with 172 points that year and became a well-remembered Eurovision song.

Boaz – The Fire In Your Eyes | 2008

“The Fire In Your Eyes” is one of Israel’s most popular Eurovision songs. The five male backvocalists accompanying Boaz greatly increase the value of the song. Although it was a simple staging, it was one of the best performances of the night. At the end of the grand final, the country managed to place the top ten.

Milk and Honey – Hallelujah | 1979

“Hallelujah” is definitely a cute, optimistic and calming song. The fact that it was rejected by the Israeli national selection committee in 1978 is unbelievable. However, Milk and Honey, a band only formed to sing this song, proved them wrong when they took the Eurovision trophy home in 1979. They placed 1st with 125 points.

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  1. Yes Hallelujah a great winner, Boaz, Shiri, Harel, Shlomo all good plus Ofra, ‘& many more 🌞

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