The 10 Best Songs of Greece at Eurovision Song Contest

Greece is one of the most successful countries, especially in the 21st century editions of the contest. It is a country that always succeeded to blend the modern and traditional music. Most of their songs are up-tempo and fun, while their ballads are touching and beautiful. However, the most special thing about Greece is that there is always a part of Greece in their Eurovision entries. This might be a word or a sentence in Greek, a tune of traditional music instruments such as bouzouki or Cretan lyre, or a folk dance. Let’s check 10 of the best songs of Greece!

10. Yianna Terzi – Oniro mou (2018)

Oniro mou was the second entirely Greek song of 21st century after “OPA!” in 2010. Its lyrics represent a dialogue between Greece and its citizen, as Greece asks its citizens “Why do you want to change me and remove blue?”. Even though this song was loved by the fandom, it was placed 14th in the semi-finals, thus could not qualify to Grand Final.

9. Keti Garbi – Ellada, Horo Tou Fotos (1993)

Ellada, Horo Tou Fotos” is a tsifteteli-inspired pop song that is a praise of Greece itself. The song title means “Greece, Country of Light“. Keti Garbi sings about Greece’s great intellectual and cultural heritage, while criticizing its ability to transform and develop, and emphasizing the need for a change. The song was placed 9th with 64 points.

8. Katerine Duska – Better Love (2019)

Greek-Canadian singer Katerine Duska participated in Eurovision for Greece with “Better Love” and placed 21st in the Grand Final with 74 points. The song is about unconditional love and the staging was mainly in pink and white colours, and it also seemed like the staging was inspired by a masquerade.

7. Maria Elena Kyriakou – One Last Breath (2015)

One Last Breath is a beautiful ballad from Greece, which was unexpected of them since Greece has participated with up-tempo songs in 21st century. It was placed 19th in the Grand Final with 23 points. The staging was pretty simple but Maria’s strong vocals grabbed the attention.

6. Elina Konstantopoulou – Pia Prosefhí (1995)

Pia Prosefhí (meaning “Which Prayer?”) is a dramatic ballad, in which the singer asks how she should pray for the forgiveness of those who persecuted her and her country. The introduction lyrics are in Ancient Greek and they are translated as “and they wanted to smear this land, without knowing of what insult they did”. The song finished in 12th place with 68 points.

5. Antique – (I Would) Die For You (2001)

(I Would) Die For You was the first Greek entry not to be performed entirely in Greek, but in Greek and English. It was placed 3rd with 147 points, which also was the best ever result that Greece has ever achieved until the band’s lead singer Helena Paparizou’s victory in 2005.

4. Sakis Rouvas – Shake It (2004)

Shake It is a song that makes you dance along to its repeating chorus. Also, Sakis’ seductive voice in the verses reflects the lyrics exactly how it should. “Shake It” placed in 3rd place with 252 points in the Grand Final, which is the most points Greece has ever gotten so far.

3. Sarbel – Yassou Maria (2007)

Just like most of the Greek entries in 00’s, Yassou Maria is so catchy that one cannot help but dance and sing along to it.  It placed 7th in the Grand Final with 139 points. Also, the song is in English except one word in the chorus “yassou” which means “hello” in Greek.

2. Kalomira – Secret Combination (2008)

Secret Combination is definitely among the best songs that Greece have presented to Europe, because it is infectiously catchy, fun, and energetic. That is why this entry placed 1st in the semi-final and 3rd in the Grand Final. Kalomira’s energy and attitude were also the reason behind this success. Here is also an interesting fact; Greece’s 2008 entry was sponsored by “J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez” brand, which also is the designer of Kalomira’s attire.

1. Helena Paparizou – My Number One (2005)

There is no doubt that almost everyone’s “number one” on this list is “My Number One”. This song still preserves its title as “the best Greek entry ever” since its victory in 2005 in Kyiv. It definitely is the best example to give for the term “Greece in Eurovision” since this song is the first thing to come in one’s mind when there’s a talk of it. Also, bouzoukis and Cretan lyra along with the Pontic folk dance “Horon” reflects the Greek culture exactly as how it is.

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