The 10 Best Songs of France at Eurovision Song Contest

Following Italy, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2021, we have France in our 10 Best concept this week. France is one of the seven participants in the first ever Eurovision, in 1956. Since then, they have participated 64 times. In these 64 participations, they have won the contest 5 times. Although they were not able to obtain good results in the last couple of years, these 5 wins make France one of the most successful countries in Eurovision. Let’s look at our 10 favorites from France!

*List is based on personal opinion.*

1969 1st | Frida Boccara – Un jour, un enfant (A day, A child)

‘Un jour, un Enfant’ is one of the four winners in 1969, and the best one for me. After the contest, the song is recorded in 5 different languages. This song is a beautiful ballad about the wonders of the world, as its English version says, ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’.

2021 2nd | Barbara Pravi – Voilà

Voilà is the song that touches me the most. Even though one can not understand French, the story is perfectly understandable from her voice and her gestures. Barbara Pravi was the best performer I’ve ever seen on the Eurovision stage.

1977 1st | Marie Myriam – L’oiseau et l’enfant (The Bird and The Child)

After listening all winners from France, I can clearly say that “L’oiseau et l’enfant’ is the most powerful and the most meaningful winner from France. Song itself is beautiful and when it is sang by a great performer, Marie Myriam, it became a monument in the history of music. Also, Kids United project of UNICEF covered the song in 2016.

“Black the misery, the humans and the war
Who believe that they hold the reins of time
Country of love do not have borders
For those who have the heart of a child”

2013 23rd | Amandine Bourgeois – L’enfer et moi (Hell and Me)

I expressed my love for this song in our earlier list ’10 Underrated Rock Songs in Eurovision’. We got used to hear love ballads from France before “L’enfer et moi”.  Amandine Bourgeois proved us that French is also perfectly compatible with powerful vocals in a rock song. This is probably the best song in the history of contest and I’ll never understand why this song became 23rd.

1979 3rd | Anne Marie David – Je suis l’enfant soleil (I’m The Sun Child)

Even though Anne Marie finished in the 3rd place, I think this is underrated. The performance was unforgettable. It is not shocking that she is a great performer, since she has won the contest in 1973, representing Luxembourg. I think she really deserved her second win in 1979.

2001 4th | Natasha St-Pier – Je n’ai que mon âme (All I Have Is My Soul)

The first French song which contains English lyrics in it because Natasha St-Pier was a bilingual who was born in Canada. The lyrics are the last words of a desperate woman who is about to lose the man she love. It would be better if the song was sung in French only, the English part doesn’t sound as good as French. 

1960 1st | Jacqueline Boyer – Tom Pillibi

The second French winner and one of the cutest songs ever. Her voice and gestures make it even cuter. The song was also recorded in English and German under the same title.

2017 12th | Alma – Requiem

 The reason why I love this song is that it embraces the ‘representing the country’ mission of Eurovision. I think this song and the performance are the perfect representatives of the modern French culture. Since, I’ve first listened to “Requiem”, every time I hear something about French, this song comes to my mind. 

1997 7th | Fanny – Sentiments songes (Dream Feelings) 

Another beautiful song from 1997, the best contest of 90’s. In the song, Fanny tells us that instead of embracing the love, we often run from It because of the fear of our true feelings.

2009 8th | Patricia Kaas – Et s’il fallait le faire (And If It Had To Be Done)

It is a very “french” song like Voila by Barbara Pravi. World-famous Patricia Kaas took a very strong stance while singing the song “Et S’il Fallait Le Faire”. The song was one of the favorites of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Although she placed her country in the top 10 in the grand final, this result was far below the expectations.

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