Melodifestivalen: Snippets of Semi-Final 3 Released

Melodifestivalen continues with the second semi-final. In this semi-final, the seven contestants will compete for the grand final.

Mello continues with its Semi-Final 3. Two songs that came in the top two will make it to the grand finale, on the other hand, two songs that came in third and fourth will compete in Second Chance.

Jason Diakité will present Semi-Final 3.

You can listen the snippets of the songs by clicking song titles.

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Charlotte Perelli

Charlotte Perelli won Eurovision with ”Take Me to Your Heaven” in 1998. Then, she tried her chance again in Mello 2008 and she represented Sweden in Eurovision 2008 again with ”Hero”. Moreover, she participated in Melodifestivalen several more times.

Emil Assergård

Emil Assergard has a great reputation in Sweden. Many of his songs have serious streaks on Spotify and he has received many awards.

Klara Hammarström

Klara participated Melodifestivalen with ”Nobody” last year. She competed with such a strong names like Dotter and Anna Bergendahl. She placed in fifth and eliminated.


Mustach is a heavy metal band in Sweden. They were formed in the fall of 1998 by Ralf Gyllenhammar, Hannes Hansson, Mats Hansson, and Stam Johansson in Gothenburg.


She participated in Lilla Melodifestivalen in 2005, where the song titled ”Du får ta mitt hjärta” finished in sixth place. In 2014, she participated in Melodifestivan 2014 with ”Casanova” and finished in fifth place in Semi-Final 1.

Alvaro Estrella

Alvaro Estrella participated in the competition in 2014 with ”Bedroom”. However, he didn’t pass to the final, taking the sixth place. In 2020, he competed in Mello 2020 again with Mendez. They ended up in eleventh place.


He was a finalist in Swedish Idol 2019 and won the competition. Then, he released three singles, two of them are cover singles.

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Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden has participated 59 times in the Eurovision Song Contest since its debut in 1958.

It went on to win its six victories with ABBA, Herreys, Carola, Charlotte Nilsson, Loreen, and Måns Zelmerlöw.


Melodifestivalen is an annual music competition organized by Sveriges Television (SVT).

Since 1959, it has chosen the country’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. It is the most popular TV show in Sweden, and it is estimated that more than 4 million Swedes watch the show every year. 

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