Editor’s Reviews and Finalists of Second Semi-Final

Before the rehearsals start, we, as editors, created our second first semi-final ranking.

We rated each country out of ten and our four editors gave short comments about the songs. You can see the general ranking at the bottom.

🇸🇲 Senhit – ”Adrenalina”

Greg: Adrenalina must be the best glow-up from 2020. The initial hype was unreal and even though that has died down this is still my favourite track of the year. Senhit has nailed it here. 10/10

Alper: The song is insanely catchy and fun. Senhit’s energy and personality also makes it so much better. “Adrenalina” proves that microstates still can do well in Eurovision. 10/10

Jade: This is one of my biggest growers of the year, the more I listen to it, the more I like it! 7/10

Oğulcan: It’s a good song that I didn’t expect from San Marino. Adrenalina is a very fluent and catchy song, including the part of Flo Rida. She deserves to be in the top 10 in the final. 8/10

Semih: 7/10Berkay: 7/10Ulaş: 4/10Claus: 10/10

Average: 7.87

🇪🇪 Uku Suviste – ”The Lucky One”

Greg: Certainly better than last year, the song is inoffensive and quite catchy. Unfortunately it doesn’t stand out to me at all. 5/10

Alper: This one would be successful, only if it was competing in 00’s. Uku has a strong voice, but the song just does not feel right. 5/10

Jade: For me, this is a rather generic, forgettable song. I quite like the chorus, but I get bored when listening to the song. With early placement in the semi-finals, I struggle to see it getting into the final. 5/10

Oğulcan: When I look at the song in general, nothing bothered me. But the backing track of the song is very ordinary and I have no reason to listen to this song again. Nevertheless, not bad. 4.5/10

Semih: 6.5/10Berkay: 4/10Ulaş: 5/10Claus: 4/10

Average: 4.87

🇨🇿 Benny Cristo – ”omaga”

Greg: My opinion on this track has done a full 180. Really has something about it that I failed to see initially. It’s incredibly infectious. 7/10

Alper: The song is catchy and so fun, but it is just not my cup of tea. At least it is better than last year’s entry. 3/10

Jade: Like San Marino, this is a grower for me. I think it’s a lot of fun and I can’t help but move when I’m listening to it. 6/10

Oğulcan: Benny Cristo’s style of music is not what I listen to. In short, it is a song that I do not like and do not expect to make it to the final. 1.5/10

Semih: 5/10Berkay: 4/10Ulaş: 3.5/10Claus: 4/10

Average: 4.25

🇬🇷 Stefania – ”Last Dance”

Greg: Last Dance has an 80’s vibe to it which I will always be a sucker for. Stefania’s vocals have been shown to be excellent also. Really catch retro bop. 7/10

Alper: I love this song and Stefania’s strong vocals. The only problem is that the chorus repeates too much. Other than that, it is perfect. 8/10

Jade: Stefania’s song is certainly catchy. For me, it’s easily one of the better pop songs in this year’s competition. 7/10

Oğulcan: Last Dance is definitely better than Stefania’s song “Supergirl” from last year. The song is suitable for staging and has a good backing track. Stefania’s voice is also fine. 7.5/10

Semih: 7.5/10Berkay: 8/10Ulaş: 8/10Claus: 7/10

Average: 7.5

🇦🇹 Vincent Bueno – ”Amen”

Greg: This song doesn’t capture me at all. No one denies his talent but the track is just a bit dull for me 4/10

Alper: No matter how good Vincent’s vocals are, they can’t save this quite boring song. 3/10

Jade: Vincent’s vocals are nice enough, but the song is just… boring. 4/10

Oğulcan: Even though Bueno has no problem with his voice, the song is a boring song I don’t like 2/10

Semih: 2.5/10Berkay: 2/10Ulaş: 8/10Claus: 3/10

Average: 3.56

🇵🇱 Rafał – ”The Ride”

Greg: This feels like a rejected Melfest track, because it is. Yet I’m weirdly drawn to it. Rafał’s vocals have proved to be subpar regularly but there’s something about this dad bop that I like. 6/10

Alper: It is a fun song but it doesn’t have anything that seperates itself from the other generic songs. 4/10

Jade: It’s a rather generic song and the vocals really aren’t great, but it’s somehow kind of fun. 5/10

Oğulcan: An ordinary high tempo song that would be more accurate if it participated in the early 2010s. 3/10

Semih: 4.5/10Berkay: 5/10Ulaş: 5/10Claus: 2/10

Average: 4.31

🇲🇩 Natalia Gordienko – ”Sugar”

Greg: I really struggle to like this. The beat has something about it, but other than that in a bop laden year it may be the worst one. 4/10

Alper: This one is something I wasn’t expecting from Moldova at all. I can’t help dancing while listening to it. 6/10

Jade: Maybe I’m being overly harsh because I hate the music video, but I just do not get this song. I think its underwhelming and often find myself skipping it. 3.5/10

Oğulcan: Lower quality version of Maruv’s Siren Song. It is not a type of song that I listen to and like. 3/10

Semih: 6/10Berkay: 5/10Ulaş: 0/10Claus: 9/10

Average: 4.56

🇮🇸 Daði & Gagnamagnið – ”10 Years”

Greg: You can never have enough Daði Freyr. And it does keep getting better ever single listen. It’s not ‘Think About Things’ but nothing could be. It’s still excellent 8/10

Alper: I love how Daði always presents us original stuff. Their songs, their style and their themes are always distinctive from others. 6.5/10

Jade: I absolutely adore Daði & Gagnamagnið. Their look, the sweet messages of their songs, and their funky sound – I think they’re brilliant. Daði is a wonderful performer and ‘10 Years’ always makes me smile. 9/10

Oğulcan: It’s a song that sounded bad at first after Think About Things, but the more I listen to it, the more I love it. I thought Iceland would be in the top 3 last year, but this year, unfortunately, they will not be so successful. 6.5/10

Semih: 6.5/10Berkay: 7/10Ulaş: 9.5/10Claus: 10/10

Average: 7.87

🇷🇸 Hurricane – ”Loco – Loco”

Greg: My growing love for this track is becoming a problem and I think it will be a surprise package. The correct staging will fire this into the top ten 7/10

Alper: I love Hurricane’s energy but I just can’t get over the fact that it feels exact same with last year’s entry. 4/10

Jade: Loco Loco just gets lost in the competition, there are so many upbeat songs this year and for me, it’s easily one of the weaker ones. 4/10

Oğulcan :Loco Loco is another song that I haven’t listened to and I don’t like very much. I’m sure the song will go well on the stage, but when I just look at the song, I don’t find it good enough 4/10

Semih: 6/10Berkay: 5/10Ulaş: 2/10Claus: 5/10

Average: 4.62

🇬🇪 Tornike Kipiani – ”You”

Greg: After last year’s rasping rock vocals this feels so tame in comparison and a bit of a let down. Which is sad because his vocal talent is so unique. 4/10

Alper: This song is just boring. It might be the last place in this semi-final. 1/10

Jade: This song is just too dull and slow for me, to the point where it makes me feel sleepy. I struggle to see this doing well at Eurovision. 2/10

Oğulcan: I don’t understand why Tornike participated with such a boring and monotonous song after a great song like last year. Although he has a very strong potential, I think he will not be successful with this song and will finish the semi-final in the last place. 1/10

Semih: 2/10Berkay: 2/10Ulaş: 7.5/10Claus: 1/10

Average: 2.56

🇦🇱 Anxhela Peristeri – ”Karma”

Greg: Do Albania ever send a bad vocalist? Anxhela is fabulous vocally but the song struggles to grab me. 5/10

Alper: “Karma” has become my favourite after the revamp. I’m in love with Anxhela’s vocals, the meaning behind the lyrics, ethnic tunes, and of course, the Albanian language. I also love the dramatic aura that there is in both the music and the lyrics. 9/10

Jade: I was pleasantly surprised by Albania, Karma is not a song I often listen to, but when I do I usually enjoy it and I admire the vocals. 6/10

Oğulcan: When I first watched the song on stage, I thought it was a strong song and we had a good start to 2021, but the stage of the song was insufficient. With the revamp to the song, the song is still strong and I think it has become more suitable for staging. 6.5/10

Semih: 4/10Berkay: 4/10Ulaş: 5/10Claus: 6.5/10

Average: 5.75

🇵🇹 The Black Mamba – ”Love is On My Side”

Greg: Having seen their live performances it’s hard to say anything negative about these guys but once again the song doesn’t capture my attention. I appreciate their talent but it’s not my taste 5/10

Alper: I would have expected Portugal to choose a beautiful Portuguese song that eventually would be underrated like always, but somehow they managed to choose a boring song that is in English. 1/10

Jade: This song does have some things going for it, most notably, the distinct vocals and rather sad inspiration behind the song. Sadly, it’s just not my style. 3/10

Oğulcan: I think Love is on My Side was the best song in the Portuguese National Final. Although it is a song that I can listen to in daily life, I think that with the slow tempo of the song, many people would find the song boring and would not make it to the final. 3/10

Semih: 3/10Berkay: 2/10Ulaş: 8.5/10Claus: 5/10

Average: 3.81

🇧🇬 Victoria – ”Growing Up is Getting Old”

Greg: Victoria is an artist that I initially wasn’t particularly interested in, but her recent acoustic performances have blown me away. This will be in contention. 7.5/10

Alper: This one is truly magical. I love how there is clock sounds and vintage musicbox sounds. It makes me feel nostalgic and melancholic at the same time. 8/10

Jade: I really connect with this song and its message. Victoria’s vocals are so beautiful I can’t help but get caught up in the song when I hear it. My only criticism is I find the ending a little weak. 8/10

Oğulcan: I’m really sorry that Imaginary Friend wasn’t chosen and we won’t be able to see that song on stage. That’s why I approached the song with prejudice and didn’t like it at all. Now it’s still not an ‘Imaginary Friend’ even though I love it more than then 7.5/10

Semih: 9/10Berkay: 6/10Ulaş: 10/10Claus: 8/10

Average: 8.00

🇫🇮 Blind Channel – ”Dark Side”

Greg: I grew up listening to music like this and seeing it on a Eurovision stage feels so nostalgic. The really smash it live too. 8.5/10

Alper: It was about time for Finland to send a rock song. I love listening to this song and can’t wait to see how good it’s going to be on Eurovision stage. 7/10

Jade: I am always here for the rock songs!! It’s got a 2000s rock sound to it that I absolutely love. The only letdown is the lyrics. I feel like they’re trying hard to be overly edgy in places but nevertheless, it’s a really fun listen. 8.5/10

Oğulcan: Dark Side is one of my two favourites this year. As a rock lover and listener, I totally loved this song. Although the lyrics are a little meaningless, the rhythm of the song is so strong that I think it is the best rock song that participated in Eurovision after MaNga. 10/10

Semih: 8/10Berkay: 8/10Ulaş: 10/10Claus: 2/10

Average: 7.75

🇱🇻 Samanta Tina – ”The Moon is Rising”

Greg: I preferred Samanta’s offering last year but this still has an edge to it that’s enjoyable. Staging will be important I feel 6.5/10

Alper: Many fans complain that this song is “too messy”, but I love it the way it is. The song in whole feels like a marathon and I love running it in just 3 minutes. Even its meaningful lyrics and Samanta’s vocals are enough for me to love this song. 10/10

Jade: This song is a mixed bag for me. I love parts of it and despise others, so overall it’s a disappointment. 4.5/10

Oğulcan: Samanta Tina is one of the most successful of her style and her voice is excellent. But that rhythm in the background of the song that continues throughout the song disturbs me very much. That’s why I can’t listen and love the song. 3/10

Semih: 7/10Berkay: 6/10Ulaş: 4/10Claus: 5/10

Average: 5.75

🇨🇭 Gjon’s Tears – ”Tout l’Univers”

Greg: This is hauntingly beautiful, Gjon’s Tears vocals really connect with me and this track attracts my attention much more than his 2020 effort. 8/10

Alper: Both the song and Gjon’s vocals are absolutely magical. There is nothing wrong about this song, it’s perfect. However, it is not a song that I would listen over and over again. 9/10

Jade: Gjon’s song is so beautiful it’s easily one of my favourites this year. All the elements of the song come together perfectly for me, and his vocals are absolutely breathtaking. 9/10

Oğulcan: Tout l’univers is my favourite this year. It’s a masterpiece and deserves to win the contest. Gjon’s vocal, the emotion of the song, everything about the song is awesome 10/10

Semih: 7.5/10Berkay: 9/10Ulaş: 9/10Claus: 4/10

Average: 8.18

🇩🇰 Fyr & Flamme – Øve os på hinanden

Greg: I want this in the final so we can have that true 80’s experience. Costumes and all. Not to everyone’s taste but I love it. 7/10

Alper: Everything about this song screams “Eurovision”. I love synth-pop, no matter which decade they are from. I also love hearing a song in Danish after many years but I think the lyrics seem absurd. 5/10

Jade: As I mentioned in our Editors Underrated Picks article, I think the dated, nostalgic vibe of this song a lot of fun. 6/10

Oğulcan: I think it’s such a weak song that I can’t be sure it would be successful even if he participated in the early 2000s. The song does not have any prominent features. It is likely to be eliminated in the semi-final. 1/10

Semih: 3/10Berkay: 2/10Ulaş: 2/10Claus: 8/10

Average: 4.25

Our Editor’s Top 17 and Finalists:

1. 🇨🇭 Gjon’s Tears – ”Tout l’Univers’8.1810. 🇷🇸 Hurricane – ”Loco – Loco”4.62
2. 🇧🇬 Victoria – ”Growing Up is Getting Old”811. 🇲🇩 Natalia Gordienko – ”Sugar”4.56
3. 🇸🇲 Senhit – ”Adrenalina”7.8712. 🇵🇱 Rafał – ”The Ride”4.31
4. 🇮🇸 Daði & Gagnamagnið – ”10 Years”7.8713. 🇩🇰 Fyr & Flamme – Øve os på hinanden4.25
5. 🇫🇮 Blind Channel – ”Dark Side”7.7514. 🇨🇿 Benny Cristo – ”omaga”4.25
6. 🇬🇷 Stefania – ”Last Dance”7.5015. 🇵🇹 The Black Mamba – ”Love is On My Side”3.81
7. 🇱🇻 Samanta Tina – ”The Moon is Rising”5.7516. 🇦🇹 Vincent Bueno – ”Amen”3.56
8. 🇦🇱 Anxhela Peristeri – ”Karma”5.7517. 🇬🇪 Tornike Kipiani – ”You”2.56
9. 🇪🇪 Uku Suviste – ”The Lucky One”4.82

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