Editor’s Reviews and Finalists of First Semi-Final

Before the rehearsals start, we, as editors, created our first semi-final ranking.

We rated each country out of ten and our four editors gave short comments about the songs. You can see the general ranking at the bottom.

🇱🇹 The Roop – ”Discoteque”

Greg: Really like this track, it’s edgy and energetic and in most years it would be a top 3, but this year isn’t most years. 7/10

Semih: When the song was first released, I saw it as the possible winner, but now it has lost its influence. 6.5/10

Claus: There’s something about this song that kinda screams ‘On Fire, part 2’. And i understand that this is heavily liked in the fandom. And from what i hear; It’s actually a fact tbh, weird stuff often works at Eurovision. 2.4/10

Berkay: Although it was one of my favorites last year, I couldn’t like The Roop’s song this year. I think it’s an above average song, but it’s not a song I want it to win. The yellow they use in the stage and music video is tiring for my eyes. 5/10

Alper: 6/10Oğulcan: 7/10Ulaş: 5/10Jade: 5/10

Average: 5,48

🇸🇮 Ana Soklič – ”Amen”

Greg: Ana’s vocals are immaculate but the song is missing something that’s hard to pinpoint. 4.5/10

Semih: Although I didn’t like the song very much when it first came out, Ana’s vocal takes this song to very high places. But unfortunately, they are in a very difficult semi-finals. 6/10

Claus: I like this song, the best part of it is the bridge before the last chorus. I also like the idea of a virtual choir. She also has an amazing voice. 6/10

Berkay: I haven’t listened to the song much so far. I think it’s a classic Eurovision ballad. Ana’s voice is very beautiful and strong but I think she won’t be able to make it to the finals because of the song. But if I chose an Amen, I would choose Ana’s. 3/10

Alper: 6.5/10Oğulcan: 6.5/10Ulaş: 7/10Jade: 4.5/10

Average: 5,5

🇷🇺 Manizha – ”Russian Woman

Greg: In love with this track and artist. Her personality and performances are full of energy and quality. 9/10

Semih: Although I don’t like it very much in the national final, now I listen almost every day. 6.5/10

Claus: This one can grow on me. I still sing to it at work, like its THAT song. I also like this Russian-like chant in this song. 6.4/10

Berkay: I love Manizha and her energy on stage. I love the chorus of the song, this part saves the song from being ordinary. The song grew for me after her performance at Pre Party ES. I think she will finish in the top 10 in the final with a good stage performance. 6/10

Alper: 9/10Oğulcan: 9/10Ulaş: 2/10Jade: 5.5/10

Average: 6,67

🇸🇪 Tusse – ”Voices

Greg: Tusse is a superstar in the making and he makes this mediocre song a lot better but he can only do so much. 6/10

Semih: My only favorite for Melodifestivalen was Tusse. Both the song and the message it conveys are beautiful. 8.5/10

Claus: Sorry, Sweden, but you had better songs than that. Not that i dislike Tusse as a person, but it kinda feels boring for every time i listen to the song. 2/10

Berkay: Tusse is one of my favorites. His personality, life and the message he gives in his song match very well. In Melodifestivalen, he proved to be competent vocal as well. I think Sweden will finish in a good position, assuming it got a high score from the jury. 7/10

Alper: 8/10Oğulcan: 7/10Ulaş: 6/10Jade: 5.5/10

Average: 6,25

🇦🇺 Montaigne – ”Technicolour

Greg: This feels a step down from last year for me, Montaigne is a brilliant artist but I just don’t get this song. It feels messy. 3.5/10

Semih: Unfortunately, I don’t find this song enough for the finale anymore. 4/10

Claus: I like this one. That live video can be a bit off key, but in studio, she sounds flawless. At one part of the song, i still can’t unhear ‘Time to take off your clothes’. 7.5/10

Berkay: I did not like the song very much, I feel like something is missing. As if written and composed in 1 hour. ‘’Don’t Break Me’’ was much better than this song. I think she will not be able to make it to the final with the effect of not being in Rotterdam. 4/10

Alper: 5.5/10Oğulcan: 3/10Ulaş: 5/10Jade: 6/10

Average: 4,81

🇲🇰 Vasil – ”Here I Stand

Greg: Another example of a step down. It feels like a song from a musical and is pretty forgettable. 3/10

Semih: If only he would use his strong voice with a better song. 2.5/10

Claus: This is like a typical Disney song, and i love it for it. However, i often ask myself, who is he singing to? 7/10

Berkay: I think it’s one of the two worst songs of this year. There is nothing that can make the song stand out. 2/10

Alper: 3/10Oğulcan: 2/10Ulaş: 1/10Jade: 4.5/10

Average: 3,12

🇮🇪 Lesley Roy – ”Maps

Greg: Very hard not to love what Lesley does here, its a cracking effort and a step up from 2020 for sure. 6.5/10

Semih: I love this song. This year’s song fits her better than last year’s song. I hope we see Ireland in the final. 7.5/10

Claus: I like this song. I do get that Taylor Swift vibe from it, and i love her for it! And i love the video too, makes me wanna travel back to Ireland. 6.9/10

Berkay: I like Maps more than last year’s song. Although I doubt Lesley’s vocal performance. Her live performance was not very good last year. I think she will not be able to make it to the finals from the semi-finals that we call difficult. 5/10

Alper: 7/10Oğulcan: 6/10Ulaş: 8/10Jade: 7.5/10

Average: 6,8

🇨🇾 Elena Tsagrinou – ”El Diablo”

Greg: I initially thought this was another generic bop but it’s so catchy and has a staying power that is hard to describe. Her vocals are also fabulous. 7.5/10

Semih: I can say that it is my favorite this year. Every day I walk around the house singing this song. 9.5/10

Claus: Cyprus just unleashed another banger! And fun that Head & Shoulders (a hair product I always use) has sponsored this video. And I simply love all her dancing. 6.7/10

Berkay: I really like the song of Cyprus this year. The feel of the song is beautiful and it makes me dance. She can enter the race for the first place with a good performance. 9/10

Alper: 10/10Oğulcan: 7.5/10Ulaş: 6/10Jade: 7/10

Average: 7,9

🇳🇴 TIX – ”Fallen Angel”

Greg: This song has so much potential and I think many are sleeping on it. It’s catchy without being in your face. 8/10

Semih: The song is not bad. However, this song is much different and beautiful in the Norwegian version. Sorry. 4/10

Claus: Of course, its my country. Don’t call me biased, but I just stan him. There’s something about this song that makes me relate, like the song is about a lost love. 9/10

Berkay: Unlike everyone else, I was one of those people who didn’t want Keiino to win. I love the song and the national final performance. As I got to know TIX, my love for the song grew. If you listen to the song without prejudice, I think you can love it too. 6/10

Alper: 5/10Oğulcan: 6/10Ulaş: 9/10Jade: 6/10

Average: 6,62

🇭🇷 Albina – ”Tick-Tock”

Greg: Albina is truly wonderful vocally but the song is quite forgettable for me. In a year with so many bops it struggles to stand out. 5.5/10

Semih: It is one of the songs I listen to the most these days. I hope it reaches the finale with a good show. 7/10

Claus: Croatia has another banger in the bag, and another person from Split! This sounds so good in studio, and I have the Croatian part in my head! 8.6/10

Berkay: I wish Albina would represent Croatia with a different song. Her stance and voice on the stage is enormous. You can feel her charisma on the screen. But I think the song is very mediocre. There are very strong and beautiful bops this year. I don’t think it will make it to the finals. 4/10

Alper: 9/10Oğulcan: 4/10Ulaş: 2/10Jade: 6.5/10

Average: 5,82

🇧🇪 Hooverphonic – ”The Wrong Place

Greg: This song contrasts so much the general theme of this years Eurovision and I’m glad for that. We need variety and this song is eerily beautiful. 6/10

Semih: Like ”Release Me” last year, I liked their songs ”The Wrong Place”. Hooverphonic does a good job. 7.5/10

Claus: Belgium knew what they were doing, and knew the consequences. I mean, when i hear the rhythm during the chorus, it sounds a bit like ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay. But anyway, they just keep being in the same lane, which doesn’t make this so good. 2.5/10

Berkay: I think Belgium is the dark horse of this year. They have a quality and elegant song. With Geiike’s return to the band, I think the band has caught up with its old style. I think they will definitely make it to the final with a good stage performance. 7/10

Alper: 6/10Oğulcan: 7/10Ulaş: 8/10Jade: 7.5/10

Average: 6,43

🇮🇱 Eden Alene – ”Set Me Free”

Greg: After endless revamps we finally made it and whilst that debate will continue this is the best version for me. Eden is brilliant and the song is catchy. 6/10

Semih: I was disappointed that Israel chose this song in the national final. Sorry Israel, but I don’t see you in the final. 4/10

Claus: I envy her talent so much. She sings good. And I imagine the Americans going wild over her singing voice. Her song is also so good, for me one of Israel’s best. 9.5/10

Berkay: Another mediocre pop song is the song of Israel. It is very ordinary and has nothing special. They tried to fix the song with revamp but I think it got worse. Eden deserved better than this song, sorry for her. 4/10

Alper: 7/10Oğulcan: 5/10Ulaş: 6/10Jade: 6.5/10

Average: 6

🇷🇴 Roxen – ”Amnesia

Greg: Initially this didn’t inspire me but after some acoustic sets I finally get it. This song will do brilliant live and is wonderful. 7.5/10

Semih: One of my favorites this year is Roxen. Although it is now underrated, it will be shown among the favorites after the semi-final. 9/10

Claus: Romania isn’t really my cup of tea this year. I mean, sure, she’s hyped, but at the same time, it gets so much ‘Beautiful Mess’-ish. But I respect Roxen for this song. 4.6/10

Berkay: Amnesia has been my favorite since release, and the song is getting bigger and bigger for me. I think it is the same for everyone with her interviews and live performances before Eurovision. The message of the song is very strong and meaningful. When I feel bad I can get hopes up by listening to this song and I can feel that I am not alone. 10/10

Alper: 10/10Oğulcan: 8/10Ulaş: 10/10Jade: 8.5/10

Average: 8,45

🇦🇿 Efendi – ”Mata Hari

Greg: A poor imitation of Cleopatra, another song I just don’t get. Efendi is brilliant though and her voice strikes a chord with me. 5/10

Semih: I loved the song when it first came out. But I don’t listen as much as before. 7/10

Claus: Another song that has the potential of ending up on the radio. This just screams ‘Hit’. I loved Cleopatra and i also love Mata Hari. Its something about her song that makes me addicted. 6.5/10

Berkay: I love Samira Efendi and her voice very much. Cleopatra was one of my favorites. But I think this year’s song is a bad copy of Cleopatra. Yes I am listening to the song and having fun while listening. But I think it hasn’t been worked hard on and lyrics are not good. I think she will make it to the finals but she won’t be able to get a good position in the final. 6/10

Alper: 4/10Oğulcan: 8/10Ulaş: 6/10Jade: 4/10

Average: 5,81

🇺🇦 Go_A – ”Shum

Greg: I really like this, the contrast of traditional and modern is so unique and refreshing. And the beat really slaps. 8/10

Semih: We can say it is one of the most unique songs this year. I don’t know if they’ll make it to the finals, but I’m sure we’ll watch a good show. 6.5/10

Claus: I mean, I get the hype, but this one was a whole lot of noise. Its not that I dislike Go_A, but i more prefer the song they had last year. 3.4/10

Berkay: Ukraine’s song is fun  but it’s not my cup of tea. I think it will make it to the final, but I do not like it very much. 4/10

Alper: 5/10Oğulcan: 7/10Ulaş: 8/10Jade: 6/10

Average: 5,98

🇲🇹 Destiny – ”Je Me Casse

Greg: I love Destiny and I do like this track but she is (pardon the pun) destined for so much more. I get the hype but I am not in love with this track like so many others. 7.5/10

Semih: I love her, I love her message, I love her attitude. It definitely deserves to be featured among the favorites this year. 9.5/10

Claus: This is for me going to be the BIG surprise of the evening, she even won a contest in the past, so I don’t see why she shouldn’t win Eurovision. She just has the attitude that could go all the way. 10/10

Berkay: Although I don’t like the song at first, it is now one of my favorites. I think Destiny will make it to the final with its energy and strong voice and finish in a very good place in the final. 7/10

Alper: 10/10Oğulcan: 8/10Ulaş: 6/10Jade: 7/10

Average: 8,12

Our Editor’s Top 16 and Finalists:

Country AverageCountry Average
1. 🇷🇴 Roxen – ”Amnesia8,459. 🇮🇱 Eden Alene – ”Set Me Free”6
2. 🇲🇹 Destiny – ”Je Me Casse8,1210. 🇺🇦 Go_A – ”Shum5,98
3. 🇨🇾 Elena Tsagrinou – ”El Diablo”7,911. 🇭🇷 Albina – ”Tick-Tock”5,82
4. 🇮🇪 Lesley Roy – ”Maps6,812. 🇦🇿’Efendi – ”Mata Hari”5,81
5. 🇷🇺 Manizha – ”Russian Woman6,6713. 🇸🇮 Ana Soklič – ”Amen”5,5
6. 🇳🇴 TIX – ”Fallen Angel”6,6214. 🇱🇹 The Roop – ”Discoteque”5,48
7. 🇧🇪 Hooverphonic – ”The Wrong Place6,4315. 🇦🇺 Montaigne – ”Technicolour”4,81
8. 🇸🇪 Tusse – ”Voices6,2516. 🇲🇰 Vasil – ”Here I Stand”3,12

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