The Best Non-Eurovision Songs From 2021 Contestants

All the songs and singers (except Belarus) that will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest have been announced. Although many singers will sing their first songs on the Eurovision stage, many singers had careers before Eurovision. In this article, we have listed the best non-Eurovision songs of 2021 contestants.

Roxen – Ce-ti Canta Dragostea (Romania)

Roxen started her music career by performing featured with Romanian producer Sickotoy. Later, she released this song, gaining a great reputation in her country and peaked first place in many music charts.

Go – no, don’t leave
In fact, you know that I’d like for you to hold me tighter in your arms
Run, but not fast, so that you don’t slip through my fingers
We get closer and closer

Victoria – I Wanna Know (Bulgaria)

Victoria began her career by participating in the X-Factor competition, but unfortunately, she was eliminated in the 9th week and said goodbye to the competition .After the contest, she posted various covers on her youtube channel and released a song in Bulgarian. This one is her first English single.

What am I supposed to do?
I’m stuck and I cannot hide
I got nothing left to lose
I wish we could turn back time

Blind Channel – Over My Dead Body (Finland)

They started their music career with their first singles ” Naysayers ” and ‘Calling Out’ in 2014 and this is one of the most listened songs of the violent pop group Blind Channel.

We keep on dreaming
We’re driven only by the feeling inside
We keep living and breathing this way ’til we die, ’til we…

Tusse- Rain (Sweden)

He started his music career by participating in the Talang 2018 contest in 2018 and released several singles after this contest. Tusse, who won her real reputation by winning the contest called Idol, sang this song in that contest.

Tears will dry
Run a well, won’t let them hit the ground
Me and my emotions
Talk it out, I don’t want to turn them down

Måneskin – Vent’anni (Italy)

The band started their music career as a high school band and their reputation gradually increased with the X Factor competition. These song is one of their last songs.

And you will be ready to battle
or rather you will go away
and you will put the blame on others
or the blame will be yours

Barbara Pravi – Personne d’autre que moi (France)

Pravi entered the music world for the first time in 2014 as a songwriter. She started her singing career with the contract she signed with Capitol Music in 2015.She is also one of the songwriter of the song that won the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Summer, winter, whatever the season
We know how to do it, we always camouflage ourselves according to circumstances.
Rather the tears or the charms, as you prefer

Blas Cantó – Él no soy yo (Spain)

He made his debut with the talent program he participated in in 2000. He competed in the Spanish National Final for the JESC in 2004 but failed to win. In 2009, as a member of the boy band Auryn, he participated in the national final, Destino Eurovision, to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2011. Cantó was announced to join the cast of the fifth season of television show Tu Cara Me Suena of the singing show series Your Face Sounds Familiar. He entered the music world by winning this contest. He signed with Warner Music in 2017 and it was his first Spanish single.

I’ll take you with me to the places where he never wanted to go
Don’t be afraid my love, understand it
I am not him
I’ll draw peace into your fragile look
He was nothing but pain, understand it
I am not him

Hooverphonic – Mad About You (Belgium)

Founded in 1997, the band became world famous with this song. Although they have changed soloists many times, but they will compete with their first soloist at Eurovision this year.

Trouble is your middle name.
But at the end you’re not too bad
Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be so mad about you

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